CD Review by Vickie van Dyke
Radio CIVW Midday Host
Thirsty Howell - Music from Somewhere Warm

Discovering new talent is fantastic.  Discovering new Canadian talent is even fantasticker (yes, I just made up that word) ... even if said Canadian talent has relocated from Vancouver to Florida. 

So let me put this out there without further ado - I love Thirsty Howell.  Well, okay, to be more specific (I've never met the man and his wife may not appreciate inappropriate devotion) I love his new CD - Music From Somewhere Warm.  This is sunny Latin bluesy jazzy pop at it's very best; recorded in Vancouver and Fort Lauderdale (with both southern and western influences musically evident). 

 "Weather Balloons and Satellites" is my absolute favorite new song (how can you not love that howling wolf?) and "Lorelei" (nominated for Best Original Composition at the upcoming Smooth Jazz Awards) is a close second, highlighting Thirsty's deliciously raspy vocals.  "Celia Cruz (on the Radio)" sets the zesty tone for the record (but hey ... why not Vickie van Dyke on the radio?) and "Girl From South Miami", a salsa-y (yup, made that one up too) ode to Gloria Estefan keeps the cha-cha chugging. 

 This truly is music from (and for) somewhere warm, conjuring up musical images of palm trees and Margaritas.  And with three nominations to his credit (add male vocalist and album), Thirsty (real name Rob, by the way) deserves every accolade.  For those of us frozen Canucks desperate for heat, he turns it up full blast and leaves us "thirsty" for more.

Sorry.  Couldn't resist.

Vickie van Dyke